OSTPH obtained a lot in the Fraggle Rock / Old Golf Course neighborhood for development into a community park.  The goal was to develop an outdoor recreation area that can be enjoyed by all members of the community for multiple purposes.  Creating a common green space enhances quality of life for residents, increase the neighborhood’s appeal, and positively impact the environment.


One of the most important desires was to provide a safe, appropriate, and engaging area for neighborhood children to spend quality time outside.  Although there are well over 60 children and youth living in the neighborhood, there was no park within safe walking distance.  With plans to build new homes on the neighborhood’s vacant lots, OSTPH believes the inclusion of a park and playground in our community development project is essential to the neighborhood’s vitality.


The value of a playground in the life of a child cannot be overstated.  Access to a safe and creative place to play is critical to a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.  Common play areas teach children how to work in groups, share, negotiate, resolve conflicts, and advocate for themselves.  Time spent playing also increases creativity, imagination, curiosity, resilience and ability to assess risk.  Finally, increased physical activity improves overall health, and decreases childhood obesity and behavioral problems. 


OSTPH hopes that the new Fraggle Rock Community Parkpark will positively impact neighborhood youth to become strong, constructive participants of our Lakota nation as well as encourage all residents to take pride in and care of their community.

OSTPH plans to build a playground at one of our housing complexes, located 1 mile south of Pine Ridge and one mile from White Clay, Ne.


There are approximately 20 homes located in this housing area.


We plan to have memorial benches for loved ones who lived in the housing complex but have passed away.

OST Partnership for Housing